Christian Louboutin has extended its Nude Collection with two new styles and a wider colour palette of seven tones, ranging from fair to chestnut, to appeal every woman’s skin colour.

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The nude trend landed in the fashion world about five years ago, but the lack of nude-coloured options and even calling a colour “nude” has been the source of an ongoing debate with many calling the labelling of the colour racist.

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But Christian Louboutin explained that “nude is not a colour, it’s a concept”. For that reason, the iconic red soles have been made into a wide range of nude hues, in the luxury shoe label’s popular stilettos, pumps and peep-toes, with the new inclusion of the Deepik and Dorissima styles.

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Many make-up and lingerie labels have already extended their nude offering to have wider options. Last year, for example, Nubia Skin launched a range of nude underwear for darker skin tones. An increasing number of foundations, concealers and lipsticks have also been made into a wide range of shades.

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But Louboutin seems to be the first major luxe label to take the matter seriously by extending its accessory offerings and realising that women come in all colours and many have the budget to spend on designer shoes and clothes.

Louboutin’s Nude collection launched in 2013 and the new expanded version of the range will hit stores in August, and to celebrate every skin tone, the company will take the #NudesForAll to social media.

On Friday night in London, a high-octane tribe of dystopian desert dwellers descended upon the LCM runways for Todd Lynn’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Draped in immaculately tailored yet unconventional blazers (a Todd Lynn signature), oversized biker jackets, transparent knitwear, and shorts, the men and women of Todd’s misanthropic world marched in custom made Christian Louboutin boots set to a rousing soundtrack from Glasgow three-piece Baby Strange.

“I’m obsessed with the shoes,” said Todd of the unisex, multi-media biker boots.

“They have a real continuity with the patchwork details of the collection.” In a spectrum of neutrals and a metallic, each mid-calf boot features a piece of python with a stamped eyelet and ties that fasten around the back of the boot, achieving a pieced together aesthetic.

“There’s a lot of tying-on, which I love,” Lynn explains of the collection.

“I like the idea of a found garment; it reminds me of being a kid when I’d find clothes and adapt them. You make your own vision in how it’s worn.”

With the scavenger in mind, oversized leather jackets for men and women are likewise adapted with straps that are adjustable on a whim, while tailored, patchwork leather jackets create a contrast against more voluminous silhouettes seen in the collection.

Departing from his usual black on black palette, Lynn opted to dress his tribe largely in white as well as a futuristic reversed silver jacquard. Topped with blunt banged, bleached blonde wigs, the Nordic-looking models appeared both androgynous and powerful.

“Androgyny is what I always do. Boys and girls are becoming the same, that’s what’s happening in the world.”

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